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Introducing Handie Totie Bagz! Using our patented, multi-configurable handle, we craft stylish bags designed to handle whatever life throws at you. 

Our bags come equipped with a multi-functional strap system that allows for multiple configurations for easily toting your bag around with you wherever you go!

The Handie Totie Bag will be your go to bag, complete with plenty of easy-access storage compartments for organization, a multi-configurable strap system, and more!

My name is Kellena Dunckley founder of HandieTotieBagz. As a new mom, navigating outings with my baby was a source of constant stress. I remember the intricate dance of balancing my growing child on my left hip, managing a bulky diaper bag, and steering an unwieldy stroller. I created Handie Totie Bagz, not just for moms, but everyone.  Learn how I was inspired to create this versatile and stylish bag. 

Proud Fiscal Partners with Peace Development Fund

Our mission is to enhance the lives of people with mobility disabilities by designing and providing high-quality, functional, and stylish bags that fit their unique needs and enhance their independence, comfort, and dignity. We strive to become a trusted partner and make a positive difference as we foster a community of support and advocacy for the disabled. Your donations enable us to distribute free Handie Totie Bagz to those who need them.

Have your Handie Totie Bagz customized with your artwork or company logo! For bulk orders, we can add any graphics you want. Promote your organization's brand or use some of our humorous in-house artwork.

Thanks for stopping by and your interest in HandieTotie Bagz! Questions, comments,  or just sayin hi… we ‘d love to hear from you!